Hey, Senpai!

Joining China’s Sina Blog Service

Love Junjun and Linlin? By signing up for Sina you can follow and comment their official blogs. Share the love as their graduation approaches and help create buzz about these talented and beautiful young ladies!

Step 1: Follow one of the magical links to Junjun or Linlin’s blog using the blogroll links to your right.

It should look something like this (particularly if you chose Junjun):

Image of Junjun's blog

Note the button at the top I’ve highlighted in red. Click that to start!

Step 2:

Sina dialog box

Again, click the box I’ve noted. So far so good, right?

Step 3: Enter your desired username. A capture code will pop up and that’s what you enter in the second box.

Selecting your username

Step 4: So many Chinese characters WHAT DO I DO?! The answer, of course, is to fill in the blanks in the following order, as shown in the screencap below: choose password (it apparently doesn’t care if your password is considered “wussy”), re-enter it, choose a security question (I just picked the top one), make up an answer to the security question, enter a display nickname, and enter another capture code.

More entry blanks

You’re almost there, I promise! Step 5 has two pictures but that’s only because the page is a bit long. The blanks are SUPER easy. Pick a title for your blog, pick a URL, enter some demographic information and you’re all set. ❤ Take a look:

Assuming you’ve accomplished everything in steps 1-5 with no snags, you will now see this:


Okay, okay, so you’re a member. How do you follow their darn blogs already?

First things first. Get back to one of the girls’ blogs. If you still see the button at the top of the page as seen in Step 1, you need to log in. Click the button, enter the username you just chose (suffix will be @sina.cn), enter your password, and click the button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Now for the fun!

This example is from Linlin’s blog. Click the button…

…and you’re done! Now you may comment on her posts. If you would like to send her a message and see if she will friend you formally, the button diagonal from the one we just clicked will pop up a dialog box where you can write her a message.

Have fun spreading the Junko/Linlinman love!


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