Hey, Senpai!

Part 1: How to Join Ameba

Okay, so you’re ready to get started and jump into the wild world of Ameba. How do you get there? This pictoral guide gives you a step-by-step overview.

NOTE: If you have the Japanese IME installed on your computer, you will not need to use it at all during this tutorial. Normal keyboard inputs will suffice.

First, go to the Ameba website.

Ameba Main Page

It will look something like this. Click the pretty orange button to start the signup process.

The First Signup Page

The first box asks you to select a user ID. The clicky button next to it is used if you want to check to see if the ID is in use.

The second box asks for a password. It must be between 6 and 12 characters long and can’t be the same as your user ID.

Signup page part 2

Scrolling down, the next box down the page asks you to enter your password again.

Below that is a section asking for your email address. In the spirit of full disclosure, Ameba tells you that it will use this address to send you stuff but that you will be able to play with the settings later. Important: At the end of this process an activation link will be sent to the email address you provide here. You MUST open the email and click on the link within 24 hours in order to activate your account.

Below that is a field asking for your “nickname”/display name. Spaces are okay. So is English. If you want your display name to be in Japanese and you have the IME installed on your computer, go ahead and activate it for this box.

The radio buttons are for selecting your gender. Sorry, you can only pick one. *g* The one with the character that looks like it’s running around with a box for a head is for men. The one with the character that kind of looks like a girl sitting down at a vanity is for women.

Finally, your birthday – year, then month, then day. Click the button for great justice!

Success! Go check your email.

If you see this screen, it means your entry has been successful. If not, something’s wrong. The most likely causes are: 1) Your User ID is taken; 2) You entered your password differently one time; or 3) You used a forbidden character for one of them.

At any rate, once you are successful and reach this screen, check your email. Ameba helpfully puts an [Ameba] tag at the front of their message so that you know who it’s from.

Your email will look like this.

Click on the first link in your email and…

Success! Go have fun!

Ta-da! You are now officially a member. Click the green button to go to your “My Page”. On the first clickthrough a cute little tutorial with pastel mascot characters will pop up. Enjoy (option 1) or skip (option 2) at your leisure, as it will always be accessible from the left column of your My Page.

You’re already logged in and ready to go! To log in again later, go to the Ameba home page again and click the green button beneath the top banner on the right. Have fun!


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