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New Blog Tutorial – Follow Junjun and Linlin!

Posted on: August 12, 2010

In light of recent events a project I’ve been working on has been pushed up a bit. You may notice that the “Ameba Tutorials” section above has been renamed “Ameba/Blog Tutorials” – that’s because there is a new tutorial on joining China’s Sina blog service. Junjun and Linlin’s official blogs are both hosted here. Let’s get them some new followers, share our love, and help boost the buzz surrounding them as they prepare to return to China and begin their careers anew!


3 Responses to "New Blog Tutorial – Follow Junjun and Linlin!"

still not enough help

I’m sorry to hear that. What in particular do you find difficult to understand? I can’t make it clearer unless I know what part of the process you are having a problem with!

Woohoo! So the adorable Big Brothers of China’s glorious great firewall can be followed. But not on Twitter, because Mao’s ghost doesn’t want you to talk with Sola Aoi. 😉

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