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Hello! Project Group Mixi Stats as of August 11, 2010

Posted on: August 11, 2010

Did last weekend’s shocking graduation/audition announcement cause thousands to call it quits with Momusu? How did S/mileage’s quirky new single affect their following? Did anyone new hit the radar this month? The following fan group membership numbers taken from Mixi in July and August are one tool we can use to help us find the answers:

Active H!P and Related Groups

Group Name Members on July 12 Members on August 9 Change
Morning Musume 7678 7851 173
Berryz Koubou 6435 6593 158
C-ute 5868 5953 85
Buono! 5048 5147 99
S/mileage 3102 3483 381
Hello Pro Egg 800 799 -1
Hangry & Angry 769 771 2
Ongaku Gatas 508 502 -6
High-King 477 470 -7
YuiKaori 144 189 45
SI☆NA 179 176 -3
Happy! Style 126 128 2
Ice Creamusume 88 87 -1
Shin Minimoni 62 61 -1
Pucchimoni V 59 59 0
Tanpopo# 57 57 0
Zoku Biyuuden 44 47 3
ZYX-a 18 21 3
Team Dekaris 17 19 2
Da Xiao Jie 16 16 0

This month’s big winners are S/mileage. In this case, it seems the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the group as a unit gained nearly 100 more followers on Mixi this month than all four individual girls put together. The girls did make several TV appearances as a group which may have attracted new fans. I also found their performances of some classic H!P songs as part of the Fankora concerts pretty impressive – maybe others did as well.

That said, for a month without any new releases Morning Musume gained a good number of fans. I look forward to seeing how their numbers change over the next few months with the pending addition of a 9th generation.

Maji Bomber may not have charted particularly well, but with the membership numbers Berryz is posting it appears that it might have drawn a different audience from the norm, which is good because it means more people are watching them overall! I’ll look forward to seeing what kind of style and strategy is adapted for their next single.

Yes, the title of this post is a bit misleading, but you’ll see I included “related” groups as well. On the Up Front Kansai end of things YuiKaori seem to be getting some attention (though still not as much as they deserve) for their new single Vivivid Party. I’m somewhat surprised to see that SI☆NA didn’t gain any Mixi fans from their Fankora appearance – in fact, they’ve been slowly dropping since I started collecting numbers for them in February, with almost a 10% loss in membership on the year so far.

Here’s a fun question to consider: Which former H!P member gained more fans over the past month than all current H!P members combined? The answer is coming soon!


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