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A Brand New Mano Erina: “Genkimono de Ikou” PV

Posted on: August 10, 2010

Mano Erina tends to fly under the radar for foreign H!P fans. Much of her professional work has been in dramas and magazines which few foreign fans see. Her indies releases were basically just her and her piano; her early major releases could almost be classified as enka. While her sound has recently taken a significant turn (“Onegai Dakara” has a rather techno sound to it), fans of other H!P units still tend to give her a pass because her videos were still largely on flowy sets with pastels and even her upbeat songs were at a pretty slow tempo compared to other H!P releases.

That said, take everything you think you know about Mano Erina, wad it up into a little ball, throw it out the window, and watch this:

Not what you were expecting? Same here! The style of song Mano-chan is singing reminds me of the manic craziness of some of Ayaya’s greatest hits, and the video is one of the best H!P/UFA have produced in years. (I don’t envy the subtitlers, though!)

If you like what you see and hear, the single will be available next month (9/15) in a regular edition and two limited editions. Limited A comes with a DVD and Limited B presumably sports an alternate cover. Both limited editions contain event applications cards – you won’t find them in the regular edition.

It is interesting to note that to date none of the lyrics for Manoeri’s releases have been written by Tsunku. He’s done composition for some of her recent releases, but throughout her career to date lyrics for Mano-chan’s releases have been done by Miura Yoshiko, a prolific Japanese lyricist who has written for Kageyama Hironobu, TM Network, and tragic 80s idol Okada Yukiko among many others (including several Hello! Project acts). In addition, much of the arrangement and composition work has been handled by Tsunku’s Sharan Q bandmates Taisei and Hatake. With this completely new sound, how much of a shakeup has there been behind the scenes? Credits for the single tracks are not yet available but I’ll be waiting for them with great interest.


1 Response to "A Brand New Mano Erina: “Genkimono de Ikou” PV"

Don’t forget that the video was filmed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko

The director of 20th Century Boys i.e. one of the most expensive trilogy in Japanese history.

And this is a collaboration with TV Asahi also……

This is a very BIG push for Mano

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