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Are You Coming to YuiKaori’s Vivivid Party?

Posted on: June 28, 2010

The relatively quiet auspices of Up Front Kansai have started making some noise in the past year or so. We saw Arisa Noto, former H!P Eggs leader and Ongaku Gatas member, become an otaku idol extraordinare with the release of a PB and her own album, No Night Eden. Then, she partnered with three other girls involved with Happy! Style, Up Front Kansai’s performance unit that covers anime and idol songs, to create the group Team Dekaris in support of Sega’s release of the Dekaris arcade game. They proceeded to release an album. Now, two of those girls have gone on to star in their own unit, YuiKaori.

Ishihara Kaori, the older of the girls, is sixteen. She recently voiced the heroine in the animated feature “Planzet”. Ogura Yui is fourteen and is already known in certain circles for, surprisingly, motion capture work. She was the dance model for the popular Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku in the PSP game “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA”.

The girls are gearing up for the release of their second single, “Vivivid Party”. The PV has higher production value than most of the H!P videos I’ve seen lately, with lots of neat camera angles and backup dancers, and from the previews, a very special guest apparently makes a posthumous appearance:

I’m not one who usually has an aversion to anime tie-ins, but I have to admit that the series that some of YuiKaori’s songs is featured is rather… erm… “niche”. The show is called Kiss x Sis and features a middle school boy who develops an attraction to his older twin stepsisters who are in turn happy to flirt with him in some very inappropriate ways. The good news is that just as Berryz fans don’t have to watch Inazuma Eleven to enjoy their recent releases, no one is in any way obligated to watch the anime in order to enjoy the song.

Release promos for this single are excellent. The first press edition includes a photo, and 200 of these photos will be signed by either Yui or Kaori. Hopefully this will encourage fan support during this crucial early stage of their career.


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