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Former Melon Masae to Make Theater Appearance

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Every few years, when Momusu does a play or a musical, my attention is diverted to the theater for a few weeks – but really, theater is a large part of the H!P experience. Graduates especially seem to spend a lot of time participating in stage productions.

According to Natalie.mu, Ohtani Masae of Melon Kinenbi will be joining this cohort and starring as the heroine of a show called “Kizame, Waga Hada ni Kimi no Ibuki wo” running September 1st-5th at the Ikebukuro Theater Green Big Tree Theater in Tokyo. Tickets go on sale July 10th.

This will be Masae’s first official appearance since the dissolution of Melon Kinenbi. Congratulations to her on moving forward with her new solo career!


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