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ShigeWatch Update

Posted on: June 18, 2010

Sayumi is once again leaping headfirst into controversy. This is twice in less than two weeks! Think it doesn’t matter? Check this out and you might think again.

Earlier this week Sayumi was a guest on “Himitsu no Arashi-chan” which features the group Arashi. To put this in perspective for those who don’t follow J-music outside of girl idols or who are new to the J-pop scene: these gentlemen were responsible for four of the top five selling singles in Japan last year. Out of the 30 singles they’ve released, 26 have reached #1 on the weekly charts. In fact, they’ve never been lower than a weekly #1 since 2004.

So Sayumi appeared on a segment of this show to evaluate the guys’ style and apparently she was none too kind to one of the boys in particular, Matsumoto Jun. As I write this, her post about the show on her blog has 6,763 replies. Some of them are from her fans, some of them are from angry Arashi fans, and I’m sure some of them are from others who got caught in the crossfire because of news buzz and wanted to weigh in.

So now let’s look at Mixi again. As I write this Sayumi has a grand total of 3160 followers on her largest Mixi community. What does this mean?

  • It means that since I last posted about Sayumi eleven days ago she’s gained another 175 followers.
  • It means that since June 3rd Sayumi’s following has grown by 392 people. For the first five months of the year her following grew by 383 people. These two weeks have been bigger for her than the entire year leading up to this point.
  • She was already one of the fastest rising H!P members in terms of Mixi popularity – now she is the hands-down fastest. While it’s unlikely that she’s going to continue to be the center of a drama whirlwind, at the rate she is going she could realistically overtake Ai-chan in the next few months in terms of total following on Mixi.

Sayumi is winning fans and gaining serious exposure. Let’s hope that her notoriety leads to increased attention for Morning Musume as a whole!


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