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Avex Adds 12-nin “SUPER GiRLS”

Posted on: June 14, 2010

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough girls on the idol scene nowadays? Are you aching for a new unit? Well, fear not, because Avex has you covered. Apparently they are set on building an idol stable of their own because according to Tokyograph, hot on the tails of Tokyo Girls Style’s debut, the Avex Idol Audition 2010 has produced a new 12-nin unit known as “SUPER GiRLS”.


From front left: Katsuta Rino, Goto Aya, Maeshima Ami, Akita Eri, Miyazaki Rina, Mizote Runa. From back left: Watanabe Hikaru, Arai Reira, Shimura Rika, Tanaka Mirei, Yasaka Saori, Kano Kaede. Source: MSN Sankei.

The youngest member of this group is 12 while the oldest clocks in at 21. Of the modern idol groups, this one seems the closest to Momusu’s format for much of the “Golden Era” agewise. Will they have the same crazy, fun chemistry? Only time will tell. The girls will make their stage debut August 7th at a-nation, so it looks like they have a busy summer ahead of them!


5 Responses to "Avex Adds 12-nin “SUPER GiRLS”"

Now this is more like it.

This comes off as an odd move since it seems like they aren’t doing very well with TGS.

Isn’t this too much? It reminds me of Korea’s Super Junior and the “female counterpart” Girl’s Generation. I hope they don’t debut soon; Tokyo Girls’ Style has potential but they debuted way too early for their own good.

TGS is a really cute group with a lot of talent. I do think the issue with them is that they are very young. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are marketing them to the right demographic – which in their case would probably be girls between the ages of 6 and 12. As far as I have seen Avex has been treating them like a mainstream group. They’ve had live shows for a primarily adult audience, they’ve had a few billboards around town, and I believe they opened for AAA at one of their concerts. They don’t appear on the TV shows kids watch and they’re not in kids’ magazines. Adults aren’t likely to casually pick up CDs by preteens.

Because of the age range of the SUPER GiRLS members they’re more likely to be appealing to the crowd Avex markets to. The thing is that Avex has to remember to actively market them to achieve maximum results. It seems like another problem they had with TGS is that although they were thorough with giving fans ways to keep up with their brand online (mailing list, Twitter, YouTube, etc) they didn’t really find ways to draw new fans in.

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