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Mixi Roundup for H!P Grads June 2010

Posted on: June 10, 2010

Who were the victims of changing trends in the early part of this year? Who’s popular among H!P grads? Here are the Mixi stats for graduated H!P members for January 10, June 3, and the difference between the two, with some surprising results:

Performer Name Members on Jan 10 Members on Jun 03 Change
Tsuji Nozomi 5371 5040 -331
Yaguchi Mari 4202 4466 264
Kago Ai 4212 4394 182
Satoda Mai 3883 3855 -28
Goto Maki 2941 3461 520
Koharu Kusumi 3200 3322 122
Fujimoto Miki 3158 3102 -56
Matsuura Aya 2647 2687 40
Abe Natsumi 2440 2603 163
Konno Asami 2389 2408 19
Yoshizawa Hitomi 1917 2113 196
Ishikawa Rika 1878 2014 136
Umeda Erika 798 865 67
Ichii Sayaka 918 833 -85
Arihara Kanna 761 747 -14
Shibata Ayumi 604 629 25
Tsunku 566 617 51
Murakami Megumi 601 587 -14
Nakazawa Yuko 558 581 23
Yasuda Kei 494 580 86
Iida Kaori 400 408 8
Ogawa Makoto 399 399 0
Noto Arisa 396 397 1
Murata Megumi 350 355 5
Miyoshi Erika 350 327 -23
Ishimura Maiha 329 326 -3
Okada Yui 300 283 -17
Ohtani Masae 205 222 17
Fukuda Asuka 206 216 10
Saitou Hitomi 210 216 6
Kominato Miwa 201 200 -1
Hirota Shion x 190 N/A
Ishiguro Aya 178 173 -5
Nagate Ayaka 165 160 -5
Nakayama Nana x 129 N/A
Korenaga Miki 122 114 -8
Heike Michiyo 103 109 6
Mutou Mika 79 80 1
Honda Ruru 66 71 5
Sawada Yuri 73 71 -2
Maeda Yuki 62 64 2
Mika Todd 45 44 -1
Inaba Atsuko 32 34 2
Shinoda Miho 14 16 2

I hesitate to call Gocchin the “big winner” for the first part of the year largely because her community grew immensely in the wake of her mother’s death. Presumably the growth came from former fans who heard the news and wanted to share their caring and support for her in some way. Hopefully they will turn out to support her comeback as her new album goes on sale next month.

Mari continues to perform strongly. She’s appearing regularly on Aimaina along with Sayumi and several others, and she was able to support her beloved One Piece during the first half of this year by both performing the theme song and voicing a character in the movie.

Yossie’s community growth is a pleasant surprise! I didn’t expect her to be among the leaders in this group. It seems that Hangry & Angry has been a great thing for both her and Rika.

Kago’s support base continues to grow. Her jazz album didn’t draw overwhelming support, nor was it really meant to – like Kaori with her French language albums, Kago’s attempting to create her own special art now, and the audience for her music is much different. However, a quick look at CD Japan revealed to me that she’s got two movies coming out on DVD this summer, and she released a fair number last year that slipped under my radar. I suspect that from here on out acting is going to be Aibon’s main vehicle while her music will be a hobby that she can continue to enjoy and share with her fans. I watched footage of her recent open mic performance in New York and she seemed to be enjoying herself – I certainly hope this is the case. I’d like to think that music is an enriching and refreshing part of her life now. =)

I think Nono was considered pretty trendy for a while. To be honest, I’m not too sure what happened. She is still queen of the mountain for the time being, though!

Did you know that Abe Natsumi actually had a release this year? She’s a guest vocalist on an album by a children’s singing group called Kamome Jidou Gasshoukan. According to natalie.mu the group consists of 25 kids ranging from 4 years old to 6th grade. Nacchi sings on “beautiful” which is track 3 of their album “Yaita Sakana no Ban Gohan“. From the sample I’ve heard it’s a really sweet sounding track, well suited to Nacchi and featuring her very prominently. Be sure to check it out!

All in all, it wasn’t a bad first few months of the year for our OGs. Let’s hope the year is even better from here on out!


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