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Mixi Update: Michishige Sayumi

Posted on: June 7, 2010

As many fans are aware, Sayumi recently experienced some backlash on her blog because she said that she liked AKB48. Out of curiosity, I decided to see if her statement and the resulting flip-out on the part of an indeterminate number of wota had dramatically affected her Mixi following – and wow, was I surprised!

I took my initial numbers for this month on June 3rd. Today, on June 7th:

Sayumi's mixi community

Welcome to Sayumiland, Population... 2985!

Sayumi has made no secret of her enjoyment of Idoling!!!, so the response to her comment regarding AKB48 was a bit more violent than expected. But since many AKB members have spoken of their admiration for Morning Musume, perhaps all that fans caught between the two groups were waiting for was a sign of respect from Musume’s side before they felt comfortable showing their support. And with that, her community grew over 200 members – from 2768 to 2985 – in less than a week.

Will this increased show of support for Sayu translate to increased sales for Seishun Collection this week? Only time will tell!


2 Responses to "Mixi Update: Michishige Sayumi"

that’s surprising and totally unexpected but awesome 🙂

[…] with the announcement, Sayumi’s popularity seems to have gone up. Piper_G over at Hey, Sempai! (wish she updated a little more often than she does, haha) posted Sayumi’s Mixi stats change: […]

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