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H!P Eggs Mixi Roundup June 2010

Posted on: June 5, 2010

Here are the current Mixi community sizes for the H!P Eggs as of June 4, as well as their growth since January of this year:

Performer Name Members on January 10 Members on June 04 Change
Kikkawa Yuu 521 539 18
Kitahara Sayaka 325 329 4
Sengoku Minami 284 277 -7
Miyamoto Karin 143 188 45
Maeda Irori 153 161 8
Saho Akari 131 158 27
Komine Momoka 137 155 18
Mori Saki 152 149 -3
Okai Asuna 119 118 -1
Sekine Azusa 112 115 3
Fukumura Mizuki 75 111 36
Furukawa Konatsu 56 89 33
Tanabe Nanami 21 89 68
Takeuchi Akari 66 77 11
Arai Manami 69 66 -3
Satou Ayano 44 57 13
Sainen Mia 56 55 -1
Hirano Tomomi 35 47 12
Kudou Haruka x 43 43
Kaneko Rie 36 40 4
Katsuta Rina 22 40 18
Takagi Sayuki 28 39 11
Nagasawa Wakana x 39 39
Aoki Erina 36 34 -2
Tanaka Anri 31 30 -1
Sezaki Azusa 17 13 -4
Kizawa Runa x 6 6

Wondering what the eggs have been up to this year?

  • Tanabe Nanami was the winner of the audition for Amulet Dia. She enjoyed the publicity of winning the contest and appearing on “Shugo Chara Party” and in related singles and albums. She is perhaps the most fortunate of the Shin Shugo Chara Egg girls in that she landed another regular spot on the show “We Can☆” which picked up right after “Shugo Chara Party” ended. She will also be in September’s Gekiharo play.

  • Miyamoto Karin will also be in the fall Gekiharo play. Her participation in Shin Minimoni has brought her a fair bit of attention. She participated in the play “Kaibutsu no Kodomo” with Kitahara Sayaka and appeared in the movie “Hoshisuna no Shima no Chiisana Tenshi ~Mermaid Smile~”. Finally, she appeared on TV this April along with Yaguchi Mari and her fellow Egg Takagi Sayuki.

  • Takeuchi Akari, another Shin Minimoni girl, has received a push this spring as well. She was also in the “Mermaid Smile” movie (Kaneko Rie also appeared), and she participated as a backdancer for Mano Erina’s “Haru no Arashi”.

  • Saho Akari continued with Shin Shugo Chara Egg after the rest of her cohort was assigned to S/mileage. She backdanced for Mano Erina in both “Haru no Arashi” and “Onegai Dakara” and appeared in “Mermaid Smile”.

  • Kikkawa Yuu has appeared in two plays this year: “Tiger Breathing” (with Sengoku Minami) and Cat-eyes Club 2. She and Kitahara Sayaka appeared in the film “Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki”.

  • Sato Ayano backdanced for “Onegai Dakara” and will appear in C-ute’s musical later this year along with Furukawa Konatsu.

  • Mori Saki will appear in Morning Musume’s stage play “Fashionable.”

  • Fukumura Mizuki participated in Shin Shugo Chara Egg and backdanced for Mano Erina in “Haru no Arashi.”

  • Maeda Irori participated in Shin Shugo Chara Egg.

  • Sekine Azusa was a backdancer for Manoeri’s “Haru no Arashi.”

  • Komine Momoka was a backdancer for “Onegai Dakara.”

  • In addition to her play, Sengoku Minami participated in the Ongaku Gatas live and will appear in the play “Tsubuyaku Girl’s” (sic) this September.

We’ve been somewhat spoiled recently with the rate at which Eggs have debuted, but I can’t help but wonder who will be next on the list. Nanami and Karin have enjoyed exceptional attention lately but are quite young to debut. On the other end of the spectrum, several of the older girls are working against time, and may even risk losing fans out of frustration at their careers stagnating (Kikkawa and Sengoku come to mind.) Who do you think will be next to officially “hatch”?


2 Responses to "H!P Eggs Mixi Roundup June 2010"

I can imagine Saho being among the next few Eggs that have a chance to debut, which would be nice. (And I personally hope for Mori, Sekine, and Komine.)

“Mori Saki will appear in Morning Musume’s stage play “Fashionable.” ”

• She also played the main character (along with another girl, double-casting) in the musical “La Corda d’oro Stella Musical”.

“Fukumura Mizuki participated in Shin Shugo Chara Egg and backdanced for Mano Erina in “Haru no Arashi.” ”

• She was also a backup dancer for her in “Onegai Dakara…”. 🙂

Thanks for the additional info!

Saho debuting would be very nice. Even if she wasn’t part of Tsunku’s vision for S/mileage (I guess he’s been looking at those four girls for a group since around the time they joined the Eggs) it does seem like they’ve been pushing her lately and she’s performed really well.

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