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H!P Mixi Ranking Roundup June 2010

Posted on: June 4, 2010

Since it’s been a while since I’ve done this, I decided to do things a little differently this time. In this set of rankings you will see the current number of members of each girl’s largest Mixi community as of June 3rd as well as the community sizes as they were back on January 10th so you can see how their communities have changed over the past several months.

Morning Musume

Performer Name Members – January 10 Members – June 3 Change
Takahashi Ai 3189 3482 293
Niigaki Risa 1401 1518 117
Michishige Sayumi 2385 2768 383
Kamei Eri 2417 2708 291
Tanaka Reina 3427 3901 474
Mitsui Aika 692 709 17
Junjun (Li Chun) 539 592 53
Linlin (Qian Lin) 283 369 86

Berryz Koubou

Performer Name Members – January 10 Members – June 3 Change
Shimizu Saki 817 909 92
Tsugunaga Momoko 2713 2945 232
Sudou Maasa 794 871 77
Tokunaga Chinami 722 738 16
Kumai Yurina 1100 1171 71
Natsuyaki Miyabi 1967 2058 91
Sugaya Risako 2240 2425 185


Performer Name Members – January 10 Members – June 3 Change
Yajima Maimi 1829 1943 114
Nakajima Saki 1209 1317 108
Suzuki Airi 3370 3612 242
Okai Chisato 876 914 38
Hagiwara Mai 1180 1218 38

Mano Erina

Performer Name Members – January 10 Members – June 3 Change
Mano Erina 1969 2349 380


Performer Name Members – January 10 Members – June 3 Change
Wada Ayaka 488 814 326
Maeda Yuuka 899 1300 401
Fukuda Kanon 722 998 276
Ogawa Saki 397 648 251

With the raw numbers out of the way, let’s look at the ten current H!P members with the largest Mixi communities.

Top Ten (Community Size)

Performer Name Members – June 3
Tanaka Reina 3901
Suzuki Airi 3612
Takahashi Ai 3482
Tsugunaga Momoko 2945
Michishige Sayumi 2768
Kamei Eri 2708
Sugaya Risako 2425
Mano Erina 2349
Natsuyaki Miyabi 2058
Yajima Maimi 1943

No real surprises here. The separation between the top 10 and the rest of the pack is pretty sizable, with Niigaki the closest at 1518. It would be challenging for other members to catch up to this group, as their communities would have to grow much more quickly. The competition within this group is a bit tighter. Eri, Sayumi, and Momoko are likely to swap positions back and forth over the next several months depending on who gets what kind of publicity and when. Likewise, Mano and Risako are in a position to be quite competitive with each other.

Growth over time is another great indicator of who is on the rise. Let’s see who the members are with the fastest-growing communities:

Top Ten (Community Growth)

Performer Name Growth January-June 2010
Tanaka Reina 474
Maeda Yuuka 401
Michishige Sayumi 383
Mano Erina 380
Wada Ayaka 326
Takahashi Ai 293
Kamei Eri 291
Fukuda Kanon 276
Ogawa Saki 251
Suzuki Airi 242

Reina has gotten a veritable flood of publicity this first half of the year. Between her playfully perverted anime, her new music TV show, and both of her blogs, she is H!P’s ambassador to a demographic H!P doesn’t often address.

The four members of S/mileage have gotten a similar amount of publicity. They seem to be following in Koharu’s footsteps in a few different ways. Kanon, Yuuka, and Dawa have the opportunity to record music, sing, and appear in live action segments as their characters from Lilpri, while Sakitty gets to appear on Oha Sta as herself each day. In addition, they have their radio show, blogs, and Twitters, so their fans have the opportunity to interact with them pretty much all the time. If the video for Yume Miru Fifteen had been a little more engaging these numbers could have been even higher.

Sayumi got a huge push from her variety appearances earlier in the year. It seems like it slowed down for a little while, but she made up for the lull with her blog and now the appearances have picked up again. She’s got a regular show, she’s back on London Hearts again, and she’s all over a magazine or two – the sky’s the limit as long as she takes care of herself!

Mano’s numbers may seem surprising to many overseas fans, as her single sales are slowly dipping – but she’s proving to be a versatile actress, which provides H!P with income by other means. Have you watched any of “Death Game Park”? Somehow she’s both gorgeous and convincing as a tough survival horror heroine. The series has a crossover audience with the tokusatsu crowd, as many popular former Kamen Rider and Super Sentai actors appear. “Kai-ki”, which will premiere at MAX next month, will be another opportunity for her to show her acting chops. Juxtapose that with her super-cute Hello Kitty work and you’ll see why her popularity continues to climb.

This leaves me with Ai, Eri, and Airi. (Ai + Eri = Aieri = Airi? Nah.) Ai got a regular radio spot back recently while Eri regularly enjoys Gaki*Kame and all of C-ute apparently works on FIVE STARS. There are a few other girls whose communities also grew quite a bit this time period (Momoko and Risako most notably). None of them gets a super amount of television publicity, though. I think that for all of these girls, part of the explanation for their community growth is that when you are a fan of an H!P group in Japan, you’re expected to have and support one favorite, and all of these girls are natural choices for a new fan. They are all attractive or cute, none of them has a really abrasive personality, and they often (or almost always, in some cases) have major parts in singles in their respective groups.

One “honorable mention” that I’d like to point out is that Linlin’s community grew about 30% over these past several months. It’s still not huge, but she’s proportionally getting a ton more attention than she used to, and it’s also reported that she’s doing very well in H!P store merchandise sales.

It does help to keep in mind that these rankings are only one measure of popularity. Not everyone who uses Facebook cares to join a community for their favorite band, let alone bands they listen to, and Mixi is similar in that respect. Likewise, not everyone uses Mixi. It is, however, a helpful tool to see what is happening to members’ popularity, especially when you look at trends.

The most disappointing part for me was to see some of my favorite members stagnating. Chisato and Aika have both really come into their own these past few months and no one has noticed. Why? Probably because they don’t get to appear anywhere. The same goes for Maimai, as well as Chinami and several others. Who decided that “Athena & Robikerottsu” and “Kira Pika” were going to be the big breakout experiences for some of these girls? Honestly! None of them are the stars of their groups but I’m sure their fanbases would grow and develop like Dawa’s and Sakitty’s have if they were given similar opportunities. The field is choked with competition right now, though – including competition from Eggs and NGP girls as well as other rival groups – so I guess the best thing to do is keep supporting these girls and be patient, because their time in the sun will come.


4 Responses to "H!P Mixi Ranking Roundup June 2010"

Wow, I am glad to see the 6th gen in the top ten, but I hate to see Chisa so far down, Almost all of S/mileage members are above her ugh, UFA acts like she can’t sing (Like Sayu can’t I do love Sayu but come on she can’t sing her voice is a military weapon). She has a really good voice yet they through people like her and Linlin in some pretty stupid groups.

Linlin in Minimoni (Wait I can’t even down the orginal Mini Moni Im going to call them Shin Mini Moni). The group is well how can I say BAD. Those Eggs are not the best singers, Idc what no one says, and Linlin voice is far greater then all of there put together with a side of Sayu. Yet the stuck her in there, they couldve trader her with Junjun for the whole V-u-den group (DOn’t get me started on how they killed that group to), But I guess anyone who has a chance to get more shine then the screaming Rii-chan can’t be in a group with her. LINLIN is a Momusu Chisa, basically not considered the prettiest girl in many pplz eyes (ppl barely thought she was pretty when she first got there no everyone want to change their minds.) Both with beautiful voices but gets treated like there voice is a Sayu or a Mano (UGH, I can’t stand her)

Lolz sry for the long comment I just had to let it all out

That’s fine. 🙂

Chisa is really blossoming lately. I’m so glad they let her grow her hair out. You’re right, too, about her voice being lovely! Athena & Robikerottsu was a pretty good group all around and the songs weren’t bad, but nobody watched the anime. 😛 I think Tanpopo# is a good fit for her, though – out of the shuffle revivals, their music is the most complex, and it lets her show off her ladylike side.

I have to disagree about Linlin – not about her voice, it’s AMAZING, but about which subgroup she’s in. V-u-den never really struck me as being about deep, powerful vocals so much as it struck me as being about sexy idols. I see Linlin as more of the energetic cheerleader type than the sexy type at this point in her life and it’s not fair to her or the fans to make her force a more mature performance style. Also, consider that Minimoni, as crazy as it is, is a far more prestigious group to be attached to. In its day it had some of the most powerful and beloved singers in H!P and everybody knew who they were. V-u-den never got that kind of household recognition. Shin Minimoni also gives her a chance to shine as a leader, a chance she’d miss if she were in a group with any other Musume due to seniority and age. Now, if they had revived Tanpopo more along the lines of 1st gen or done a new unit similar to T&C, I would have wanted to see Linlin there. (At least she didn’t get stuck in ZYX-a… I feel sorry for all the girls there.)

Sayumi’s voice is actually pretty good for an idol… the problem is that so many modern H!P girls have voices that are really too powerful for standard idol pop. She would fit right into AKB or Idoling, or even early Momusu, but she lacks the power of Reina or Ai-chan or Gaki. Likewise, Mano really does have an idol voice, but anymore I’m convinced that all of the acting she does is a bigger deal business-wise than her music, and she does provide the Eggs with a few more gigs =)

At any rate I’d love to see Chisa and Aika get some more chances at TV, I think they’d both shine. Linlin has gotten a few shots at it but more is always desirable. 🙂

well this does give a different perspective, most of the morning musume polls ive seen this year have takahashi ai leading and second place Kamei Eri both with a sizeable lead on others, and the top 5 are Momosu

There are a lot of different ways of measuring popularity, and no metric is perfect. For example, it may be the case that older H!P fans don’t use Mixi. Also keep in mind that Mixi has done a pretty thorough job of locking itself down from new registrations outside Japan, so girls who are more popular internationally might take a hit on Mixi because their primary fan base isn’t there.

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