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UFA Gets Serious – English Subtitles on YouTube?!

Posted on: March 4, 2010

So I checked out the new S/mileage video where Sakitty is taking Airi and Eri’s pictures for their smile campaign (Eri has a cute reaction), and I happened to click on the Up-Front channel and was amazed by what I saw…

Yes, the default video is still the Debut Challenge – but now it’s subtitled.

In English.

This is eighteen kinds of epic.  I took a quick look at the video from the Norimen Live concert and Momusu’s welcome message and neither of them have subs, but hopefully we’ll start to see them appear on other videos in the channel in the future.

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2 Responses to "UFA Gets Serious – English Subtitles on YouTube?!"

just re watched the video. i’m so glad that they subbed it but i think they only did that because S/mileage has to collect pictures from fans all over the world and most of the world speak english.

Seeing them close to tears made me want to give them my support even more.

I hope you’ve uploaded your picture to help them

I did! My boyfriend is going to as well. =)

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