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H!P Egg Mixi Stats as of 2/12/10

Posted on: February 12, 2010

Here are the membership and monthly growth statistics for the largest Mixi communities for the Hello! Project Eggs as of February 12, 2010.

Hello! Project Eggs

Performer Name # of Members Change from January 10
Kikkawa Yuu 527 6
Kitahara Sayaka 326 1
Sengoku Minami 279 -5
Maeda Irori 155 2
Miyamoto Karin 155 12
Mori Saki 150 -2
Saho Akari 143 12
Komine Momoka 140 3
Okai Asuna 120 1
Sekine Azusa 116 4
Furukawa Konatsu 85 29
Fukumura Mizuki 80 5
Sawada Yuri 73 0
Arai Manami 71 2
Takeuchi Akari 65 -1
Sainen Mia 57 1
Satou Ayano 45 1
Aoki Erina 37 1
Tanabe Nanami 37 16
Kaneko Rie 36 0
Hirano Tomomi 35 0
Tanaka Anri 35 4
Takagi Sayuki 33 5
Katsuta Rina 28 6
Sezaki Azusa 16 -1


Observations: I compared this list to the roster of the upcoming Norimen Live. Predictably, the top three Eggs on this list are scheduled to make an appearance, but the roster also draws girls from about the halfway point on the list in terms of popularity. Sayaka, Mia, and Saho Akari already have solos announced for the concert. I’m really curious to see where their communities stand at this point next month!  Saho and Miyamoto Karin seem to have benefited from the Shuffle Date concerts, and newcomer Tanabe Nanami continues to gain fans at a steady clip.

Look for TNX later today!


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