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H!P and Graduate Group Mixi Stats as of 2/11/10

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Here are the membership statistics for the largest Mixi communities for active H!P groups, active graduate groups, and Happy! Style groups as of 2/11/10. H!P Kansai and Happy! Style related groups will not display change figures from January as this is the first month I am tracking them.


Group Name # of Members Change since January 10
Morning Musume 6510 255
Berryz Koubou 5666 141
C-ute 5454 99
S/mileage 1049 225
Buono! 4727 165
Guardians 4 481 45
Hangry & Angry 735 22
High-King 463 9
Melon Kinenbi 1054 14
Pucchimoni V 57 7
Shin Minimoni 60 10
Shin Shugo Chara Egg 66 11
Shugo Chara Egg 369 -10
Tanpopo# 55 20
Zoku Viyuuden 43 13
ZYX-a 11 6
Ice CreaMusume 93 -5
Da Xiao Jie 15 1
SI☆NA 191 N/A
Happy! Style 118 N/A
Team Dekaris 11 N/A
YuiKaori 28 N/A


Observations: Momusu and S/mileage were this month’s big winners in terms of gain, while Berryz and Buono weren’t far behind. In terms of shuffle groups, Tanpopo# seemed to benefit the most from the winter concerts (I’m not counting G4 or Buono because of their single releases.) ICM as a group lost fans, likely due to their lack of activity in Japan. The original Shugo Chara Egg community is losing members, likely due to fans migrating to the S/mileage community.

Because we love completion, Tsunku gained 13 fans this month for a total of 579.  And Jang Dayun’s community grew by 2 to 9 people… though I think one of them was me. ^^; Hey, I can’t help it, I want to see her perform!

Tomorrow we’ll have the Eggs as well as TNX!


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