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Hello! Social Media

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Hello!Sayunii reports that in continuing their experiments with social media, Up Front’s Kansai branch has started a Twitter, as has former Viyuuden member Okada Yui!

Taking a look at these Twitters, I’m noticing some really awesome things:

  • Both Okada and the H!P Kansai staff are replying to others. If you’ve got a Twitter account and a good grasp of Japanese it might be worth giving them a mention or a reply!
  • H!P Kansai staff tweeted the latest Hangry & Angry concert in Osaka, giving play-by-plays as the opening act came on, then the girls came on, then the encore started.
  • H!P Kansai staff also tweeted that Reina and Junjun are in Osaka today, and they wished Junjun a happy birthday.

Even if you’re not an H!P Kansai fan, it seems that the Kansai staff works very closely with the home base staff in coordinating events, so if your favorite girl is scheduled to be in Osaka, there’s a chance the Twitter will have updates on them. =) How cool!


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