Hey, Senpai!

H!P Blog Update

Posted on: February 10, 2010

Sayu is just starting day 3 with her blog and her readership continues to grow. She’s just about doubled what she had yesterday with over 1.2 million page views and 13,271 friends at the time I write this! Hopefully her readership will continue to grow (and hopefully, that readership will check out the new single!)

Did you know that Sayumi is not the only active Musume currently blogging for the public? Reina’s got a time-limited “Kaito Reinya” blog that deserves a lot more attention than it’s getting. Like most H!P grads and S/mileage member Fukuda Kanon, she’s over on Ameba – and unlike Sayumi’s blog, foreign fans can join Ameba and follow her! I’ve just posted a tutorial on how to sign up for Ameba, complete with pretty pictures and step-by-step directions. Yankii fans, stand up and be counted. Maybe Reina will be the next Musume to get a permanent blog!


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