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Sayu’s Blog

Posted on: February 9, 2010

Michishige Sayumi opened a blog today, making her the first active Musume with a permanent public-access blog. Fans are very excited, as Sayumi is already quite the prolific poster. We’ll see if this trend continues! Hyakupa has translated Sayu’s blog posts so far as a service to fans.

There’s been some confusion over why Gree was chosen, as well as some consternation among non-Japanese fans (but we’ll get to that later). My best guess is that in order for management to allow a Musume to have a permanent blog, they felt that it had to be a guaranteed success. Most of Sayumi’s senpai use Ameba, as well as several girls from rival groups such as AKB48. By starting Sayu off on a less-used site, they avoid the issue of the public directly comparing her success to the successes of others.

This is all well and good and it makes sense, but it does make supporting Sayumi a bit more difficult for foreign fans, as Gree is one of those websites that requires you to have a Japanese keitai email address for confirmation. While we can’t join Sayu’s vast group of followers, we can view her blog without following it, which will contribute to her pageview total. With that in mind, check out Sayu’s blog to see her latest cute pictures before anyone else!

Now, then, keeping our avoidance of direct competition in mind, how is Sayu doing? At the time I am writing this, she currently has 6,774 “friends”, with more popping up by the minute. She also has a count of 324,447 “ashiato”, which in this case is likely pageviews.  In contrast:

Fukuda Kanon (S/mileage) has 913 followers on Ameba. Nozomi Tsuji, one of Ameba’s reigning queens, has 24,716 followers on Ameba and Yaguchi, who is also highly ranked, trails her with 13,566. Finally, Maeda Atsuko of AKB48 is the rival group’s highest-ranked blogger with a total of 17,937 followers. (She started her blog in March of last year.)

Taking all those things into consideration, I believe that Sayu is doing extremely well after having her blog for only one day! As the word spreads among fans, I believe her friend count can only increase, and if she’s successful, hopefully other Musume will follow in her footsteps.


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